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Halloween is over, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  Lots of families are planning holiday trips, but will the travel be a joy or pain in the….baggage?  The forecasts for air travel this year are not so joyous, per Air travel expert and Wichita State University associate professor Dean Headley.  Two of his simple to follow tips are to book early, and to plan on traveling on Tuesday or Wednesday.

One other suggestion shared by many travel experts is to ship your bags via FedEx or UPS ahead of time to avoid baggage issues at the airport.  If that isn’t practical for you, make sure each piece of luggage has a bright, easily identified luggage tag firmly attached to the handle — and make sure a duplicate tag is tucked inside each bag as well.  You can get them for only $2.00 each at Travel ID Cards.


What about baggage fees?  You need to measure your luggage and weigh each piece as well before heading off to the airport.  And don’t forget to compare baggage fees just as you compare ticket prices!  The difference can be substantial, especially for a family with multiple pieces.

Many people now take their pets with them on trips, but forward planning for your pet is critical.  The baggage fee link above shows pet flight fees that vary from $35 to $250.  But that isn’t the whole story.  Many flights limit the number of animals on each plane, so you need to be sure yours isn’t bumped because the limit has been reached.  And make sure you have thoroughly researched the requirements for your carrier.  Lots of information and a good chart on pets is on, including the cost each way.

Don’t forget your identification.  You can get ID’s for adults with special information on any medical conditions or emergency contacts, children, teens, and pets at Travel ID Cards — and special discounts for the holidays.

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Uh Oh, They’re Here Again!

November 2nd, 2015


This year has gone by so fast, and now those major holidays are right on top of us!  You can eliminate a lot of stress with a few simple advance planning ideas.  Travel ID Cards,  is offering big savings on all our products when you purchase ahead,  20% during November, (Promo Code NOV2015), and 10% during December, 2015, (Promo Code DEC2015).

The best time to purchase from other retailers can vary greatly, so do your homework to take advantage of maximum savings.  And don’t forget that a retailer may have different prices available online versus their physical store, so you need to check both.

Gift cards are popular these days, but forward planning for value and safety is extremely important.  Here are some valuable suggestions from Clark Howard.

No matter what gifts you purchase, remember to keep the receipts handy in case something needs to be returned.  And be sure to point out the dates on those gift receipts.  Return policies vary greatly among retailers, and nobody would be happy if your friend or loved one tried to make the return after the deadline date has passed.

Would you like even more hints?  Go to the Travel ID Cards Facebook page — check out the articles and subscribe so you are always up to date!

Looking for a Photo ID at the last minute?  Not sure of what type of identification or documentation you might need on a planned trip?  Perhaps you’re looking for information to make your family vacation a little less stressful.  Your answer might be the Travel ID Cards blog, where interesting articles of all types are posted regularly.  Subjects like expired IDs, entertaining kids on a long trip, travel insurance, etc., have all been addressed in the past.  You can bookmark the site, or subscribe to receive each new posting when it goes up.  The blog is also a great place for you to add your comments, to help us and to help other readers.  Check it out!

More than once we have heard from customers wishing that the site provided a sample of what the TeenTravelCard will look like with the photo, and we wish we could too! The problem comes down to the intricacies of programming and the changes we routinely make before printing a TeenTravelCard. The biggest thing is that we almost always crop the picture and then do things like lighten the picture, adjusting the color if it needs balancing, or sharpening up a fuzzy image. Also, we sometimes need to make other changes, such as changing “and” to &, or moving the spacing around for the Vital Information field to make the words look better. Sometimes we have to fix simple mistakes, such as when people put in the year the picture was taken, rather than the age of the teen.

Bottom line, we do everything we can to make our badges look as good as possible, so a preview would not be an accurate reflection of the final product. Every single badge is done by hand, and if we see something that looks like it might be an error, such as the wrong gender or an age that just doesn’t look right, we contact the customer before finishing the cards.

we never ignore customer wishes or try to be difficult, and truly appreciate questions. Hope this helps!

What Documents Do We Need?

January 27th, 2015

One of the most common questions we hear is “what documents do you need to make our ID”, especially for adults. It’s important to remember the difference between a card that is proof of your identity, and a photo ID. Only government produced cards are proof of your identity, and that very short list includes driver’s licenses, passports, military IDs, and native american tribal photo IDs. Our cards do not replace one of those, but is perfectly acceptable for many things, including domestic flights for children. This means that no documentation is required. This also means that adults should check carefully before they order the AdultInfoCards — if it won’t work for what you need, we don’t want you to buy it! If you’ve lost your driver’s license, you can still fly. Just call your carrier, tell them what’s happened, and let them tell you what they’ll need as proof of your identity. Any more questions, just call 800-462-2328, or email

There are so many shady online businesses now that many people are concerned.  We frequently receive calls that begin “Are you a real company?”  We’ve been in business since 2008 and have thousands of satisfied clients, so the answer is definitely “Yes.”  One easy way to check any business out, including us, is to go to the Better Business Bureau and read about us.   And if you’d like to post a review, the BBB is a great place to do so.

Most people have dozens of cute pictures of their kids in their phones, ready to be shown at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, when they are choosing photos for us to use on their teen’s TeenTravelCards, the pictures we receive have the faces in dark shadows. We do our best to brighten and sharpen the pictures, because we will never send out a badge with an unclear picture, but are often frustrated with a less than perfect picture. We crop your picture, so don’t need a tight close up, but facial clarity is the key. When choosing that perfect picture for your teenager’s ID badge, please focus on a clear, well lit face for the best results.

Your Best Teen Photo ID

February 5th, 2014

What in the heck is a TeenTravelCard, and why does your teen need one?  If you’re planning a trip by plane, you’ll probably need a Photo ID for your child. The TeenTravelCard is accepted by the major airlines for domestic travel and has extra contact information just in case your teen is separated from the parents.  This is particularly important if your child is flying as an unaccompanied minor!  If you’re planning any type of travel, either an extended vacation or theme park, or to a local fair or school event, the TeenTravelCard provides peace of mind because it has contact information to help reunite the family if the teen becomes lost or separated.  If you are traveling out of the country, the TeenTravelCard is a great companion to the child’s Passport.  The Passport is carried by the parents, but the TeenTravelCard is worn by the teen to provide identification and contact information if needed.


Your teen’s safety is the most important consideration, but why should you choose the TeenTravelCard over competitors on the market?  First of all, because it’s a plastic card, rather than a laminated paper card.  The TeenTravelCard is worn with a soft, cotton lanyard around the neck for easy access and visibility; however, your teen may prefer keeping it in their wallet.  The lanyards come in a wide variety of vibrant colors and have a break-away catch for safety. Most teens love lanyards, even if they choose not to wear the TeenTravelCard with the lanyard.  Each TeenTravelCard comes with four adhesive labels for the back of the teen’s Photo ID for trip specific information, which can then can be removed.  The TeenTravelCard is more customizable than any other card available, with a 250 character field on the back for whatever information might be important for your child’s safety.  Things like health insurance information, allergies, medications, extra contacts, behavior or physical issues, etc., can all be printed on the card.


Any questions about the TeenTravelCard?  Just call 800-462-2328 or email with “question” in the subject line.  To check out all our products, go to the shopping card site,

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